When Brian Zuanich hits the stage he prides himself on being able to instantly connect with an audience, "The crowd is every bit as vital to the show as I am, and they want to feel involved!" Since his debut into the comedy world in 2008, he has been sharpening his wit on stages all over Los Angeles but his favorite place to perform is the Comedy Store, a world famous comedy club in Hollywood.

    Brian is compulsively developing fresh new concepts under the expert tutelage of renowned comedians Jerry Corely and Vargus Mason. Over this short period of time Brian has developed a loyal fan base in Los Angeles through his stand up appearances and self-produced comedy show in Long Beach, California.

        "Quick-witted, razor sharp, hysterically funny!

           Zuanich is grabbing the attention of the big boys in Los Angeles"

                                                                                     - Jerry Corely

         "Brian is one of the most fearless comics

            on his way up-he reminds me of a Lenny Bruce!"

                                                                                     - Vargus Mason


    He has written and starred for the internet show Hindsight News and can frequently be heard on the radio at Cal State Fullerton. Be sure to catch this fresh-new comedian soon if you really want to get your money's worth!

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